10 Tips To Make Your Skin Fair And Fresh In Just 5 Days (Home Made Remedies)

top 10 tips for fair skin colour

Every one of us wants something more and best for us. From money to health we want everything in good amount. And the most preferred requirement is to have a fair skin colour. If we will observe survey done by many authorities it is been proven that majority of people wants to have a better skin colour than they possess.

People says skin fairness can’t be increased as it is god given but we believes in changing it. Think for once since the day you were born you faced many pollution and dirt particles and many of them are resistible and rarely to takes a step towards it. Today here we will give you some of the tips or guidance with which you can enhance the glow of your face by making your skin much fairer.

top 10 tips for fair skin colour

1. Use a half of Lemon on your face regularly as we all know that Lemon is one of the superior bleaching agents and will help in lightening your skin. Also, it is one of the simplest and easy homemade remedy.

2. Potato juice is also one of the effective ways to give a quick effect on your skin fairness. Apply juice of one potato on your face regularly and you will surely notice a gradual increase in your fairness.

3. Many experts recommend Tomato pulp for skin fairness and the same is we are recommending. Apply the pulp of a mashed tomato on your face and this will light up your skin also it will give a beautiful and attractive pinkish appearance to your skin.

4. An another method to make your skin charm is the use of a combination of honey and lemon juice on your skin.

5. Another combination which can help you in getting a good skin fairness is a mixture of cinnamon and half teaspoon of honey. This will give an adorable change in your skin.

6. Many of use have oily skin and for them, use of a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice will be an effective one.

7. Use of curd is a beneficial one as curd possess lactic acid and zinc acid in it which is a natural successor of skin fairness.

8. If you have some pimples or scars on your face then fresh coconut water will definitely help you in getting rid out of that and will also help you in getting a high position in skin quality scale.

9. If you wish to have a quick change in your face or your skin then do use banana and milk mixture on your face.

10. Mix baking soda with water and apply it on your face and let it persist for 15-20 minutes and after that wash your face with water. You will definitely observe an unbelievable change.

Use of artificial stuff can also damage your skin cells. So we advise you to use only branded products or just try to use home made remedies as mentioned above. These will help you in getting a fairer skin and a loving face glow. We have tried to cover every type of skin along with problems. If still there is anything which has been left then so let us know of it by commenting in the comment box given below.


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