6-million-year old elephant skull species found in China

A skull of an elephant species older than six million years was discovered in China’s Yunnan Province, according to reports on Nov 8, 2015.

The research was jointly conducted by the archaeologists from Pennsylvania State University and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Wang Shiqi, an evolution expert with the CAS, said, “The fossil found in Shuitangba, Zhaotong city, puts the history of the mastodon species back one million years.”

After this research, it can be concluded that this origin of species may exist in Yunnan and its surrounding areas added Wang.

An elephant skull is robust enough to withstand head-to-head collisions.

The back of the elephant skull is flat and spread out, creating arches that protect the brain from all sides.

The skull will have air cavities that help reduce the overall weight of the skull.


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