Akira First 2nd Day Collection: Sonakshi Sinha Starrer Make Ordinary Start On Box Office Average Opening


A greatly expected movie ‘Akira’ which is being done very precisely but the story didn’t take a very good turn and the things got worse as the movie is getting lost at many points including the main story. The movie Akira which being directed, Co-written and is being produced too by A.R Murugadoss and is the original remake of Tamil movie which was named as Mouna Guru.


The movie which is not starring any big star or any superstar but because the movie is having a story which Feminine centered and is focusing on empowering girls and women in the society which a very long and struggling fight which they are fighting for very long but the fight is still on. The movie is seriously focusing on how a girl can fight all the elements which draw you back and try to snatch your identity from you.

The movie which is based on the life of a girl named as Jane from a very generous and pleasant city Jodhpur, she is having a great life until something very bad happened in her life and an atrocity was committed on a neighbor and then she learns to fight her fear and defend herself. This leads to a very brave and courageous girl who is being motivated and enrolled by her father to learn many types of martial art, but she start using it against the regressive society and corrupt government but she later finds that she is so much alone and helpless to do anything towards this very big and huge problem.

The movie is totally based on the empowerment and making up of a society which comprises of girls who can defend themselves against all the possible threat to herself and even to those girls who feel very powerless towards their personality. The movie has got the great and impressive response from the critics and the audience too on the very first day of opening on the box-office and collected almost 5.15 crore and the second-day collection of the movie is expected to be around 4.50cr.

The movie somehow manages to  come across the other two movies which were released on the same day and they both were having an equal response from the audience. The movie is also doing the same work on the second day and is getting an impressive response on the theaters for the movie.


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