Alia Shahid’s “Udta PUnjab” 10th Day Second Weekend Total Box Office Collection Till Now


Udta Punjba has become one of the movie which many dreams of, even after getting so many problems and hurdles in the movie just before the release and most biggest thing that can happen to movie like release of movie online and can be downloaded before the official release on box-office.

The movie was about four person who was somehow related to drugs and  have suffered the most worst consequences whether they take it or not. The movie’s lead actors like Shahid kapoor who has played the role of a rockstar who is addicted to drugs and does concert about drugs and on drugs and after taking drugs, secondly Alia bhatt who has played the role of a worker who works in the field of a person who allegedly supplies drugs and in broad-daylight and is connected to drug lords and she somehow gets dragged inside this illegal work and suffered the most worst circumstances by these guys.


Then comes the police officer who is played by Daljit dosanjh and given is one of the best performances ever and when he got accompanied by a doctor who is against these drugs usage and runs a small rehabilitation center where the guys who wants to leave drugs are treated and when she knows that Diljt the police officer is connected to these drugs lords and let them supply to whole Punjab and ever area,

Then she asks him to do some confessions and a chance to prove his innocence and stop what he has started and bring back the healthy Punjab.

But in this course of making this god for the people of Punjab they have to lose so many things a Rockstar lost his fame a worker was abused because of this things and the police officer’s brothers almost lost his life and while curing his health and condition the doctor got killed by the brother of the police officer and that’s how this story ends.

The movie was a block-buster even after getting leaked on the internet and with so many hurdles on the way. The collection of the movie since the first day from his release date was amazing and has collected This earnings

1st day 10.05cr

2nd day 11.25

3rd day 12.50

First weekend total collection was 33.80

5th day 4.50

6th day 4.10

7th day 3.80

8th day 2.70

9th day 2.3

According to the predictors the movie will going to earn about 2.0 crores on its 10th day.

The drug themed movie was released on 17th June and was going on very fluently on the box-office.



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