Amazing underwater video of Scuba Diver Gary Grayson playing with seal

Some animals share a special bond with human beings, and they crave for love and attention from them. This notion has been clearly proved in this amazing video where you can see and feel the friendly connection between a seal and a diver.

Gary Grayson, 55, hailing from Salford, Greater Manchester had gone to the Isles of Scilly with his friends on an adventure trip with Divelife Group. What he encountered on this trip has become a lifetime experience for him.

In this video, you can see Gary came across a very beautiful and super-friendly grey coloured seal that seemed to like Gary a lot in those few moments of the video.


It was difficult for Gary to believe his luck when the seal first came close to him and started frolicking with him on a kelp bed.

This curious animal can be seen looking at the scuba diver through his visor. The best moment was when the seal used its flipper to shake hands with Gary. All this looked like a dream come true for Gary.

The video also shows Gary tickling on the belly of the seal and stroking its jowls. The seal seemed to enjoy this playfulness as it stayed with Gary for quite some time.

The diver also mentioned that there were more seals in the water, but none of them was as friendly as this one. After the departure of this seal, another one came towards Gary’s legs and starting climbing.

This was Gary’s one of the best experience under water where he got a chance to interact with the sea animal. Gary is looking forward to some more diving trips now.



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