Anaconda emerges with half-eaten human hand in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: August 11, 2015: Scary creatures had been making around in Bengaluru for quite some time. Firstly it was a crocodile resting in a swamp and now an enormous anaconda coming out of a pot hole with a human hand.

There’s no need to be scared of since the reptiles are not for real and are there for a reason. Around two months before, Baadal Nanjudaswamy had formed an 8 feet sized crocodile for a protest against a pothole that had not been fixed for quite long.

He eventually made the water look more of a swamp by mixing colours, and the whole social media got crazy over this.

An Anaconda emerges from a street in Bengaluru
Bangalore was shocked to see a huge anaconda with a half-eaten human hand emerges on the streets of Bengaluru.

Recently, Namma Bengaluru Foundation, an NGO in the city had overturned Badal’s fame by installing a giant sized anaconda coming out from a pothole there.

The anaconda also seemed to chomp upon a human hand that gives it a scarier look to the prospect.

ABP had reported that this NGO was looking forward to catching the attention of the civic body named Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palika.

The waterlogged streets and an incomprehensive drainage system as made the city more likeable to diseases, traffic jams and broken roads. They have thus come up with this new installation to let the civic authorities know about the road conditions prevalent there.

Ever since, the installation of the crocodile and the stir created by the social media resulted in the potholes be fixed after that. Eventually, onlookers are going for the same with the new installation of the anaconda to let the civic bodies be impromptu in repairing the roads.


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