Android Nougat: Google Nexus 2016 Android 7.0 Release Date New Features

Android Nougat: Google Nexus 2016 Android 7.0 Release Date New Features

Android has history of using alphabetically ordered sweet-treat names for Android. Hence, Android N-the next version of Android OS, to be officially released by google later this year has a name 7.0 Nougat, named after that chewy, sticky dessert. Google, rather than picking the name on its own as it usually does, decided to crowd-source this version’s name and named it nougat for the alphabet N, after its previous version Marshmallow for the alphabet M. As per Oxford Dictionary, nougat is a sweet made from honey or sugar, nuts and egg white.

Android Nougat: Google Nexus 2016 Android 7.0 Release Date New Features

As We were hoping that the Google team will name the next version of Android as Android Nutella owned by Ferrero Rocher, but as Google already paid a hefty premium to Nestle for naming one of its version Kitkat. They possibly, choose to avoid paying the premium this time around, and opted for Nougat. The name for the OS was announced by Google on June 30, 2016 via Snapchat.

The latest developer version can this time be downloaded form their website and installed in the device. Though, the new update along with compatible android devices are expected to be out by October 2016. Certain feature that we can not wait to try out:

1. Google Assistant: The new Assistant software will let you engage in a more natural back and forth dialogue with the device.
2. Instant Apps: This feature lets you access or use certain apps without having to download and install.
3. Multiwindow: With this version you can access two ore more apps in a split screen at once.
4. Reply in a notification: Get ready to start replying to text messages directly from the alert notification shade.
5. Doze on the Go: With doze (new battery saving setting-halts background computing, when your phone is not in use) your phone’s battery life will be extended.
6. Night mode: This feature aims to reduce eye strain from viewing a bright display at night.

But let’s not be disappointed if Google didn’t named it after Nutella. What’s in a name anyway, when we all know that Google could have offered almost everything even if it had named its OS as N for Nothing. Stay tuned for more updates and do tell us what you think about the OS and its name.



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