Anil Kapoor’s Best Work In “24 Season 2” Is Yet To Come

24 Season 2

Anil Kapoor, one of the finest actor and the great personality of bollywood , and he is 59 and has been in the film industry for more than four decades, more even he has a great name still now and has a huge hunger to do more work in bollywood as well as in his own shows. Recently, the producer and the well known actor Anil Kapoor has said that his best work is yet to come. My best is yet to come, I still have a big hunger to do better work, and i have been in the film industry for so long, but my hunger for doing work is increasing day by day.

24 Season 2

Anil Kapoor has already done almost more of the films on action, romance and comedy on the big screen, and he said that all while his promotion for his upcoming Tv series 24: season 2. Anil tried his hands in different part of the acting, but Mr. India is not that much good to giving tips to others. He said , I am bat at giving tips to anyone, but i take tips and take it in my mind from anyone from whom i can learn.

The is no other part for hardwork, you should know where you stand and , here in the world everyone is talented and have their own identity, but the one has to prepare and work hard day and night to have a blast in the future and its the sign for the success of the one. He revealed about his upocomig series of 24 the televison show , he said that the new season is so different from the first season , and its not less than any film , it involves lots of adventure and amazing scenes so i just had prepared and on  the way to achieve for what i did do so.It hard to shoot at night, in  the last season mostly we shooted at night but this time in the new season of 24 we did most of the shoots on the day time, Anil said


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