Apple iOS 9 releasing today: Things you should know

Apple is all set to release its much-awaited iOS 9, with the customers anxiously waiting to get their hands on it today. The new mobile OS would be compatible with all iPhones. However, the most exciting part is that the update would be updated free of cost to users of older iPhone versions while the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models would have it pre-installed.

The latest features of iOS 9 include:

  • Apple News: This would be a new app that would come pre-installed and allows publishers send stories directly to their readers. The app would let users mark their favorite news sources and all stories from those sources would be added to a live-feed.
  • Update to Notes: The notes app has been customized to support the use of checklists, sketches, images, and web links. Furthermore, you will be allowed to import items from other apps to notes.

However, it would be the iPad users who would actually feel the difference of using iOS 9. There are certain device specific changes made to the mobile OS. This includes the screen split option, which would allow users to run two programs side by side. Another great feature is the minimize option, which enables users to swipe the last app to the bottom of the screen while he works on something else.

Since Apple had a history of a series of buggy operating systems, the company allowed some consumers run a beta version of the software, so everything could be straightened out before the launch. This is one of the reasons that the iOS 9 requires just 1.3 GB of free space for the upgrade, whereas the iOS8 used to require 4.58 GB. Users would also be pleased to know that Apple has improved the power efficiency of some of its base apps in iOS9, so as to give you an extra hour of battery life.

Unfortunately, all these exciting features mean that the new OS would take a lot of time to download and install. All customers have been advised to be connected to a power source and backup all data before they begin the transition.


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