Apple iPhone 7 Launch Event Confirmed To Be On 7th September 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Event Confirmed To Be On 7th September 2016

The latest of the Smartphone which is about to reveal and has already created a very big hype among the whole Market is the “iPhone 7”, which is also going to count on one the biggest event of the year on 7th September, 2016.

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Event Confirmed To Be On 7th September 2016

‘iPhone’ which is one of the most sensual and promising smartphone developers and producers in the market since 2007. The smartphone is being designed and marketed by Apple Inc and the whole world knows the glory and legacy of Apple iPhone which is now on the 7th stage of its research and development. All the Apple device is being operated on the ios device operating system and the very first of the generation starter was launched on 29 June, 2007.

The latest upgrades and tech which is being introduced by the Apple is of no-match and all the possibilities which are being provided by phone is quite impressive and it is showing the legacy by having almost 6 to 7% device users in the whole India, which is quite impressive and after having the most share in the market by Android. There are so many new upgrades which are being revealed and launched by the phone which is still in the developing stage in most of the smartphone producers.

The latest of the smartphone and gadgets being revealed and made public by the Apple Inc is the Apple iPhone 7 which is one of the most awaited and expecting smartphone of the year and the other gadget is the Apple watch 2, both these will be revealed in the next major event which will be held on 7 September. There are so many speculations and rumor when it comes to most awaited smartphone by the worlds most renowned smartphone producer Apple and the speculations are regarding its specifications and features which are rumored to be like the iphone6 and iPhone 6s, the only thing which is revealed by the Inc is the clickable smartphone which is replaced by sensitive sheet of glass and the most controversial is the unexpected removal of headphone jack.

These changes are huge when it comes to the connectivity option but the Apple is quite sure that the new revelation will be made sure of no lacking and will go to stay tough on the track just like the other generations of the apple does. The launch is getting a very great and impressive buzz around the smartphone industry and as the launch date is confirmed the day will be a very remarkable one for everyone.


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