Apple To Introduce Wireless Noise-cancelling EarPods With iPhone 7

Apple is all set to introduce a wireless noise-cancelling EarPod along with its new device iPhone 7 scheduled to be launched in September 2016. These headphones will have almost similar hardware specifications as are used in the regular hearing aids. The iPhone 7 is expected to be accompanied by several other features including no headphone jack, edge-to-edge display and a waterproof body.

EarPod may provide new audio experience

Experts say that if Apple is successful in coming up with the right feature set for the EarPods, the new version of iPhone will surely bring a revolution in the way people hear the digital audio and provide an entirely new audio experience to the user.

People have already got used to various wearable devices such as Apple Watch and Google Glass. Now with the wireless EarPods, the users will have to get used to the experience of using hearables or the smart audio devices. Already few companies have come up with such products and launched them at the CES in the first half of this month. Moreover, these products are not targeting the people requiring hearing aids.

Some of the examples include Bragi’s Dash earbuds that stream music wirelessly on the iPhone while also tracking fitness and recognizing gestures such as nodding head to take the call or Doppler Labs that provides a live listening experience to the users. Even the social networking sites such as Twitter are trying to come up with similar products, and more are to follow suit.

Specifications of iPhone 7

The 6s and 6s Plus models of iPhone were almost similar in their appearance to the earlier versions of 6 and 6 Plus from the company, and this is the trend usually followed by Apple. However, this time, experts are expecting that the Smartphone manufacturer will pull off something innovative for the iPhone 7.

It is more likely that the device will come in the shades of Rose Gold, Space Grey, Silver and Gold.


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