Apple To Probe False Reading By iPhone6s And iPhone 6s Plus

Apple is going to investigate the reason the battery indicator on its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is showing a false reading. A new support document says that the percentage of the battery does not update when the owners change the time on the phone manually or if they are traveling in different time zones.

The company’s spokesperson said that Apple has been informed about the problem, and its team is probing the cause and very soon will come up, with a solution. The company has given advice that the issue can be resolved by restarting the iPhone and ensuring that Time and Date setting are configured to ‘Set Automatically.’

Not a permanent fix

The tech giant admitted that this method is not going to fix the problem permanently and advised that iPhone 6s users contact Apple Support in case the battery problem arises again.

It is interesting to note that the issue came to notice when in September a user posted a complaint about it on the forum of Apple Support. Although Apple has said that it is investigating the matter and will offer a solution, no particular period for a permanent fix have been mentioned.

Some users had tried to use the software update of the earlier version to fix the issue whereas some had reported that the problem of incorrect battery percentage came up when they changed the time manually to win the time-based game points. Some believe that the problem started days before the release of iOS 9.2 in December.

Now, that the company has acknowledged the existence of such a problem, it means that the newer beta versions of the Apple device such as iOS 9.2.1 or 9.3 will come without any such problem. Some of the iOS devices also carried another frustrating flaw that caused random shutting off the devices or magnified the interface incorrectly on some apps.


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