Audi To Introduce Fit Driver To Track Ones Health While Driving

Audi is all set to introduce its 2016 Audi Qz luxury SUV announced that it will be adding a new feature ‘Fit Driver’ in its vehicles to ensure that the drivers stay healthy and safe while driving. The feature will monitor the vitals of the driver via smartwatch or a fitness tracker and compare various health aspects such as current skin temperature and heart rate with the data gathered earlier so that the current picture of the health of the person behind the wheel is revealed.

An Audi with built-in sensors to track health

The vehicle will have inbuilt sensors that will perform a thorough analysis of the way one drive the car, the traffic conditions, weather and the driver’s breathing rate. If the Fit Driver thinks that, one is under stress, it will start seat massage or if his body temperature has increased, it will adjust the temperature in the cabin or may launch a video tutorial teaching breathing exercise once the moment of agitation drops.

The novel feature can analyze the existing traffic flow and keeping all the other factors in mind, and it suggests when to pull over for taking a break. It will help one pull off from the heavy traffic and take the needed rest at the right time so that one can take care of his health properly. The statement from the company says that it plans to update the feature shortly so that it can help the driver to make an emergency stop and also make an emergency call in case the driver requires urgent medical help.

All this excitement, however, is currently restricted only to the company’s German models, which is indeed disappointing. But since the company has increased its production in autonomous and electric vehicles to a large extent, one can expect the Fit Driver feature to be available in models of other countries soon. The new SUV version for the world will have several enhanced features such as matrix LED headlights, Auto Park Assist, eight airbags, Bose 3D Sound System, Audi virtual cockpit and spacious interiors.


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