Past Belugas died because of human interaction: DFO

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is concerned about a juvenile Beluga whale who has been spotted in the waters near Grates Cove recently.

Its interaction with the humans has increased over the past few weeks due to which there is a threat to its health & safety.

This white whale has become the center of attraction in the area, and it has been reported that people are trying to lasso and ride the animal.

On Friday, DFO stated that the whale’s “normal life process” is being disturbed by the scuba divers.

Garry Stenson, Federal Research scientist stated that we have put several warning signs in the area so that people can stay away from beluga because if once the animal gets accustomed to interact with the humans, then there are high risks for the whale to get injured or even die.

Stenson says that we have issued few graphic photos to tell the people what will happen if this whale gets used to human interaction.

One such incident occurred in 2002, when a beluga got fond of humans in Calvert area and was killed as it was hit by a boat propeller.

DFO is trying its level best to make the public aware of this incident so that this beluga doesn’t end up with similar fate.

It also mentioned that disturbing the marine mammal is illegal and anyone found violating this law will have to face the severe consequences in terms of possible arrest and prosecution.


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