Bern’s Swiss Hospital Successfully Separates ‘Youngest’ Conjoined Sisters

Bern’s Swiss Hospital doctors have successfully separated the youngest conjoined twin babies of eight-day-old. Born in December, the babies were conjoined on the chest and on the liver. According to the Swiss media, the doctors earlier had decided to separate the two children after they are several months old. But when it was found that the babies can die due to the condition, the doctors decided to conduct the operation immediately.

Ironically, the chances of success of the operation were only 1%. However, since the twins were already fighting for life, the decision seemed more practical. The premature babies were joined intricately on their liver. Bern Pediatric Clinics’ pediatric surgeons and their colleagues from the Geneva University Hospital announced the operation’s success. The twins shared a large number of blood vessels, and it took the doctors almost five-hour operation to separate them.

Twins were born with a triplet

The twins who are named Maya and Lydia together weighed 2.2 kg and were born along with a triplet at the Inselspital hospital in Bern. According to the hospital sources, although the twins were conjoined extensively all their vital organs were functioning properly.

One of the twins was having high blood pressure and too much blood whereas; the other twin did not have enough blood. It took a team of 13-strong doctors to perform the demanding and crucial operation, the first of its kind on the youngest babies. Steffen Berger, the pediatric surgery unit’s head congratulated the medical staff and said that it took a perfect teamwork of nursing personnel and physicians from various clinical fields to make the operation a success.

He expressed happiness that both the children and the parents are doing well. The doctors also performed another surgery for closing their abdominal walls and the twins are now recovering slowly in the intensive care ward of the pediatric department. According to the hospital staff, although the babies are small, they are responding and developing well.


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