Bihar Election Results 2015 live updates: JDU-RJD combine wins

The Nitish Kumar-led ‘Mahagatbandhan’ has swept the assembly elections in Bihar.

The JDU-RJD combine won a staggering 178 seats out of the total 243 seats to the astonishment of experts.

All the exit polls that were conducted during the elections were nowhere near the real results of the Bihar elections.

The final results are as below in the chart:

NDA 60 MAHA 178
BJP 52 JDU 73
LJP 5 RJD 80
HAM 3 Others 5

The Bihar assembly has a total of 243 seats, of which other independent candidates are leading on five seats.

The elections in Bihar are a big indicator of PM Modi’s popularity, who has attended over 30 rallies in the state. Also, the Lalu Prasad + Nitish Kumar alliance with Congress will also be tested in a close battle.

From the current indicators, it seems that BJP does have an edge, but one will have to wait to see whether the results are in the same line.

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As of 9.15 am in the morning, BJP was leading in a total of 91 seats, with the Mahagatbandhan Alliance at 89 places.

News reports suggested that celebrations had already begun in the BJP office, owing to the great indicators.

Exit polls had previously given mixed results for the state elections in Bihar, with most predicting that the JD(U)+RJD alliance may have an edge over NDA.

However, the current status seems otherwise and has the chance to change. The other candidates who are leading on four seats for now are expected to have a stand too.

If the JD(U)+RJD alliance wins, Nitish Kumar is likely to retain his position as the CM, while BJP hasn’t projected one leader as their mass face. Instead, PM Modi has extensively done most rallies.


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