Boston’s Chipotle Restaurant Reopens After A Lengthy Closure

The Chipotle Mexican Grill in Boston’s Cleveland Circle reopened after a long closure. The restaurant was closed down few days ago when 136 college students from Boston fell sick after eating at the place. According to Chris Arnold, official spokesperson of the company, the restaurant has now reopened and has resumed its operations. The City officials cleared the restaurant for opening a couple of days ago but due to some water leakage problem, the company continued closure of the restaurant for few extra days.

Violation of Rules

With the officials clearing the place and leakage and related fixing completed, the Chipotle reopened after it was ordered to close on December 7, when the restaurant was found violating several rules. Apart from the 136 students and several other patrons reporting sick due to norovirus, a gastrointestinal disorder after eating at the place, one worker was also found to be sick on December 3. Norovirus is a food-borne illness that inflames intestine and stomach resulting in vomiting, and nausea for one or two days.

It is yet to be determined how the virus went into food, however, according to the Boston Public Health Commission’s spokeswoman, Che Knight, the restaurant was found violating three rules including allowing a sick employee to work, not keeping the meat hot enough and overlooking several reports related to food-borne illness. The health inspectors of the city gave the Chipotle Mexican Grill approval for reopening the restaurant. However, water leakage problem extended the reopening.

According to officials, the outbreak was more likely to be caused due to a sick employee on the staff of the restaurant and do not have any link with E.coli cases that caused closure of more than a dozen restaurants in Washington and Oregon during October 2015. While talking to Boston Herald, the chief health inspector of Boston said that he is planning to lunch at the Mexican restaurant just to convey around that the place is now safe for eating.


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