Brahmarakshas 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Rishab And Raina Gets A Clue


The story of Brahamrakshas going with great suspense and thrill for the audience. The serial gets much popularity in such less time. The serial had to get the second position in the rating by BARC. The turning and the suspension story of the story get everyone attraction towards it. The last episode of Brahamrakshas starts with Rishabh and Raina goes to find the clue in Brahamrakshas haveli. They see Sanjay’s poster there with his wife. They then get hide seeing Brahamrakshas. Then see a man running and follows him on the way. They then see Anil there and ask him that what he is doing there. Rishab says that it’s not Brahamrakshas fault, it’s his wife who pushes him from the terrace. Raina gets tensed and thinks that if Rishab is  the Braham rakshas.


Then Anil says to the family that he had  seen Brahamrakshas today. Naina keeps on thinking about Rishab and says that he might be Brahamrakshas. They get their car repaired but it breaks down again. Then Brahamrakshas come there and takes Mohini with him. Raina hears the sound and runs behind Brahamrakshas. The whole family follows her and they get shocked seeing Mohini. Raina then thinks about Brahamrakshas threat and throws water on him. They then save Mohini. Raina asks Rishab that where he was and thinks that he might be the Brahamrakshas.

Then Raina thinks about to reveal Rishab’s truth. He goes to Rishab and says that I know you are the Brahamrakshas. She asks him to come out. Rishab calls her mad and says that he is not what she is thinking. Then Raina says to him to marry her to find Brahamrakshas. Rishab moves towards her and says that I will help you in every manner.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Aditya locks everyone in a room and says that it’s good to lock them as one of them is Brahamrakshas. Raina and Rishab get to know about Brahamrakshas’s temple and gets tensed. Now kit will be interesting to see that did the suspense gets revealed from the truth of Brahamrakshas or not. Stay tuned for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas.


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