Chuck Feeney, Irish-American billionaire donates $177 million to the fight against Dementia

Chuck Feeney has donated a huge chunk of his wealth to fund to the University of Carolina in San Francisco and Trinity College in Dublin. The donation will fund the construction of a Global Brain Health Institute that will be used to carry out research aimed at reducing dementia or even putting it to an end.

The Irish-American billionaire donated $177 million to the cause, making it the biggest philanthropic grant in Irish history. It is also the largest donation that Mr. Feeney has ever made through Atlantic Philanthropies that he founded to tackle global challenges and carry out activities that will have a positive influence in the world.

The organization’s CEO and President, Christopher G. Oechsli stated that the goal of the organization donation is to foster leaders from all over the world that will use their knowledge and skills to tackle dementia-related issues through more effective approaches. The research institute will aim at reducing the development of the disease in the elderly.

Mr. Oechesli also added that the organization has been working particularly in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for several years. Their presence in the regions oversaw the implementation of strategies in the fight against dementia. The organization is also interested in expanding its reach to other areas.

The Global Brain Health Institute aims to train 600 global leaders over the next 15 years. These individuals will engage in global research on the medical condition as well as studying how to improve health care for dementia patients. They will also be responsible for creating and implementing new policies within the regions where they will operate.

Dementia is becoming a growing concern. Scientists believe that the number of people suffering from dementia by 2050 will have doubled from the current statistics. The number of people currently suffering from the condition is 48 million worldwide. The statistics also suggest that dementia cases in 2050 will be rampant in more than 24 countries. Dementia is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease.


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