Click a selfie and pay your bill, the MasterCard way

MasterCard is introducing a small program that includes 500 individuals who can make use of finger marks but also facial scans to confirm web transactions. MasterCard is partnering with all smartphone manufacturers to make this method of verification feasible.

Before purchasing something, MasterCard said that a pop-up will seek approval. Users can prefer finger mark or facial detection. Users who opt for facial recognition have to focus on the cellular phone and blink once. Blinking is a measure to preempt any fraudster who can dupe by holding a picture of the individual.

MasterCard does not receive a copy of the picture or the user’s finger. Instead, the fingerprint and picture scans are converted into a code that stays on the device.

So now paying bills is going to be fun, if you do it through MasterCard. Users need to click a selfie with his or her smartphone, blink once at their self-portrait, and their bill is paid.

MasterCard vouch at its safety but it must be understood that any data that is transmitted is vulnerable.  In sharp contrast, Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint verification is conducted on the user’s iPhone and there is no data transmission.

The latest biometric method of verification the identity of the user can replace passwords or PIN codes. Currently, MasterCard asks for a password to verify purchases with its SecureCode system.

MasterCard has not given any date on which the app will be made available to the customers. MasterCard is also experimenting with other identification methods such as voice recognition and even a method of identification by reading the heartbeat.

MasterCard’s president of enterprise security solutions, Ajay Bhalla while speaking with CNN Money said that the new generation who is more at home with selfies will find the app very convenient and will accept it without any ado.


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