Climate Change May Result In Collapse Of Marine Food Chain

A new study has revealed that the food chains in marine ecosystems are likely to collapse with huge reduction in diversity, owing to the climate change.

The study was first published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), which talks of the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems. The study was conducted by a team of marine ecologists from University of Adelaide, Australia.

Researchers believe that the current warming and acidification of the oceans will have a big impact on the overall life in water, with destruction of vital species, said a report on Tech Times.

Apart from the biodiversity loss in the oceans, there may be severe impact on those who live around coastal areas and depend on oceans for food and trade.

One of the researchers, Sean Connell, said that very less is known about the effects of climate change on marine life, and till now, most of the experts had to depend on qualitative reviews to form opinions.

On the other hand, quantitative evaluations generally focus on the changes and effects on a single ecosystem or one species.

For the purpose of the study, authors and researchers have utilized available information from 632 researches and associated the same with the impact of carbon dioxide on marine ecosystems.

The study was also based on the detailed understanding of all kinds of marine ecosystems, including deep seas, open oceans and coral reefs.

The study also stresses that habitats of many species, including oysters and corals may suffering owing to the changes in climate and acidification.


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