Italian researchers find Coffee increase chances of Heart Attacks by four times

Researchers from Italy have recently discovered that people who drink coffee heavily stand a four times increased chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, namely, heart attacks, whereas people who drink moderately have a three times increased chance. But this condition is true only among those people who suffer from high blood pressure or any other disease.

The research was conducted over a period of 12 years, during which, data was collected and analyzed by researchers from about 1000+ non-diabetic individuals, belonging to the age group of 18 to 45.

The main classification of these patients was they suffered from the first stage of hypertension. The entire consumption chart was classified based on the total of the number of coffee cups a person has.

These classifications were, non-drinkers, moderate drinkers, who drink about 1 to 3 cups daily, and heavy drinkers, who go through 4 or more cups every day.

Among the total number of participants, about 26.3% did not drink coffee, 62.7% were moderate drinkers, and the remaining 10% were heavy drinkers. The heavy drinkers suffered from higher body mass than the people who did not drink a single drop.

As per the researchers, their study showed that the excessive use of coffee is proportional to the increase in the number of heart attack cases in people who suffer from mild to acute hypertension.

Only by abstaining from a coffee can the risk factor be totally nullified, as coffee messes with your body’s glucose metabolism rate and fluctuates your blood pressure.


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