Comcast Starts 2Gbps service, will rub shoulders with Google Fiber

Google Fiber introduction across the US has opened a Pandora’s Box. Competitors have been scurrying to the Congress asking for measures to restrict services.

They have also started to slash their prices to make their products competitive in comparison to Google Fiber. Google’s offer has led to some operators like AT&T offering to cut rates to match the search engine giant offers.

However, there are very few offers that can rub shoulders with what Google is offering. Comcast is one such company that is providing 2Gbps services at an affordable price.


Comcast’s new 2Gbps service is available at $300 per month along with a mandatory two-year contract. The service will be available at $159 in some select towns in the Midwest provided the consumer signs a three-year contract.

There are other requirements also like the Consumer must reside within 1/3 of a mile of a Comcast fiber network deployment. The consumer will have to give an additional $500 as installation fee along with a $500 service activation fee.

In sharp contrast, Google Fiber is offering a waived $300 service fee if you sign a one-year contract and $70 per month.

So a 2Gbps Comcast subscriber will be paying $4600 the first year and $3600 per year after that if the rates are steady.

In the same vein, Google Fiber offers the same service at $70 per month which comes out to $840 per year or $1440 per month if you have a combined cable + Internet plan. The comparison is there for everyone to see.

It has been some months since Comcast announced that it would bring in the super-fast 2 Gbps fiber optic broadband to a few select markets.

However, it was mom about the charges that will go with it. Comcast has finally started a site to promote its Gigabit Pro service, and it is slated to roll out in California, Florida, Michigan, Atlanta, Chicago, Tennessee, and Indiana.


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