Computer Program Wins The Ancient Asian Game ‘GO’ Against Professional Human Player

A computer program AIphaGO once again proved that it is smarter as compared to humans when it defeated a professional human player in a 3000-year-old ancient Chinese game ‘Go’. The program developed by Google’s Deepmind went ahead of the current European champion, Fan Hui, by five games to nil.

According to experts, the feat will take at least ten years for any human professional to achieve. Details about the win have been published in science journal, Nature. Artificial intelligence (AI) scientists are now wondering whether letting the computer master the ancient game was like a Holy Grail. It is not the first time that computer programs have been developed to play classic games.

Earlier in the 90s, several software programs were created that could easily play classic board games and beat humans like backgammon. Over the years, highly developed programs have been evolved and introduced. The historic victory of Deep Blue computer by IBM over Gary Kasparov in 1997, the world chess champion of that time can be considered as a harbinger of the things to happen in the future.

Artificial Intelligence better than human intuition

After 20 years, the artificial intelligence managed to understand the complexities of ‘Go’ and was successful in defeating a highly professional player at the game. The fact that the game depends a lot on intuitional powers reflects that the artificial intelligence is certainly improving in this department as well.

Until now, the software programs were capable of only competing with amateur human players. The defeat of professional at the hands of an AI system shows that human-made systems are becoming smarter than humans. The game required the artificial intelligence system to beat the human champion strategically using all the intuitional powers, which until now was possible only for a human.

AlphaGo developed its skills through training and error process and played millions of times to equip itself for the battle thereby improving its prowess.


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