Dance Plus 2 21st August 2016 Episode Online Video: Top 5 Contestants Performance Updates

Dance Plus 2

The amazing show which is filled with thrilling and outstanding performers and dancers. The show starts with a fantastic and heart-warming group dance which comprises of many performers and the theme is our lovely Nation. The top 5 contestants which have made their place in the final 6 are The Urban Singh Crew, Bandits, Mingma, Sushant Khatri and Piyush Bhagat.

The last finalist will be chosen this week and that will go to be very tough and thrilling. Raghav has come again to fill the tension-filled environment with humour and comedy to make everyone smile. The first performance is of Puneet’s team and that is Famous crew, their flawless performance is what makes their group be watched out for competition and they will be one of the toughest hurdles to come out from the ten of the final guys. Judges have given their truly lovely and motivating praises for them. The second performance is of Tanay.

dance plus 2

The second performance is of Tanay Malhara, his performance is just on another stage and that’s one of the most remarkable performances in D+2. He got such a lovely comments from the judges and they all are shocked too. The next performance is of Elly Angels, their performance too was remarkable. They too got very amazing comments from all the judges and super judge.

The next performance is of Faizan, who is also the admiring personality for Dharmesh. In this episode, everyone got the chance to meet their parents and their core idle too in their life. his exceptional performance is quite different from others but that’s what needed for doing something amazing in this show and at this stage. All the performances are so much amazing and out0-standing that the judges and super judge are too confused to choose which one is good or best to give the final ticket to the final six contestants.

The last performance is of Your Highness from Team Dharmesh, their tough looks and out- of the box attitude is actually rocking and the performance is remarkable too. Judges too are blown by their performance. Now everything is on the judges , but the last five performances are still on the list for them.


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