Dance Plus 2 Shakti Mohan Kissed Raghav! 10th July 2016 Episode Online

dance plus two

Dance plus 2, one of the most popular and full of entertainment dancing reality show, just started with its amazing and fabulous performances and had a great fan following for the show, everyone is appreciating the show as the contestants and the performers are showing their brilliant performances and their struggle can be easily seen in their performances.

dance plus two

On the social media and in the news as well the popularity of the show is everywhere, and there is something which is very trending at present, which is Raghav’s nautanki as Raghav is having a lot of fun on the show by his unconditional acting and his jokes. Raghav Juyal, the winner of DID and now hosting here on the set of Dance Plus 2.

On the latest episode of the show we had saw that Raghav is all set with his fun loving nature and his power of entertaining people with his amazing humor, he is much similar as a rock star for the show and have the ability to be adopted by the team of Rock star instead of Ranbir kapoor, it is can be easily saw in his nature.

Then later on in the show raghav had showed up his dancing skills with his guitar and which just gave a great positive energy to the dance head Remo D’souza and as same on the side to Punit J Pathak, Shakti, and Dharmesh, they all got goose bump by the performance of Raghav.

Shakti, who is the contestant from the last season of Dance Plus, and here Raghav didn’t missed any opportunity to make Shakti feel wow, and he tried his best on the show to impress her.And on the recent episode we had watched that Raghav is just did something which make Shakti to generate some loving feelings for him and she is really attracted towards her.

At the same time there is a funny kiss which Shakti had given to Raghav as he had accept her challenge to break the eggs by his head. The show is going so good and more entertaining , so stay tuned with us for more to know about the upcoming episodes.


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