Delhi has maximum premature deaths in world due to air pollution

Traffic moves along a road shrouded in haze in New Delhi, India, on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014. India, China and Brazil, three of the largest developing nations, joined the U.S. in a list of the biggest historical contributors to global warming, according to a study by researchers in Canada. Photographer: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Delhites have some reason to worry as a new study revealed that in another ten years, Delhi may have the highest record of premature deaths due to air pollution in contrast with the biggest cities in the world.

If a current study by a team of experts and scientists from Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz is to be believed, as many as 32,000 people will lose their lives to air pollution in the capital of India by 2025

Also on the alarming list is Kolkata, which may have the most number of deaths between 2025 and 2050, and the figure is 55,000, which is 3,000 more than Delhi. Delhi will witness around 52,000 deaths in the same period.

In Mumbai, the number of deaths due to air pollution is expected to be 33,100. The study also added that all the three cities will top this sad list due to the emissions and presence of particles like PM2.5 and 03.

Globally, 3.3 million people diet every single year owning to various issues related to air pollution, and the number may double by 2050 if the current rate if emissions aren’t taken care of, said the study, which was reported in a post on Zee News.

Indian ranks second on the lists of death due to air pollution, with some 645,000. China ranks first with 1.4 million deaths while Pakistan ranks third with 110,000.

The study emphasized the need for looking for alternatives to regular fuel and said that gas used for cooking and heating will be a major issue for India.


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