Diljit Dosanjh’s “Sardaar Ji 2” Punjabi Movie Review Rating Stills Critics Box Office Collection

sardaar ji 2

Diljit Dosajh is on of those gems of Punjab on which the whole country can feel proud of and not only ho acting but this guy is multi talented.

Sardaar Ji movie is one of the biggest hit of Punjabi cinema which has given them fame and a place and position to stand upon. Rohit Jugraj who was the director of the first part of Sardaar Ji his done a fantastic job by craving out the hidden talent from those actors which even they can not think of, with the star cast like Diljit Dosanjh Neeru Bajwa and Mandy Takhar as the lead roles in the movie the movie has made an incredible work and get lot of praises from the whole viewers and audience. After getting good response from the critics and audience the idea of a comedy/action movie has moved the director so much that he us back with a more super idea which can be seen in the trailer.

sardaar ji 2

So the next movie superstar and a loved singer Diljit Dosanjh has again made an ultimate project and this time it is worth watching to those even who don’t know Punjabi language. Sardaar Ji 2 is the movie which many people have been waiting for and. Huge number of person are eager to house-full the theater when the movie will release.

Sardaar Ji 2 is basically a action/comedy genre movie which is featuring Diljit, Sonam Bajwa and Monica Gill this time and all of them have given their best performance.

But this time there is a surprise for the audience their lovely star and amazing actor Diljit will going to play double role which simply means, double the action and double the joy with double comedy and laughter.

The story revolves around a Sikh guy who is farmer in Punjab but when the villagers of his village felt need for lot of money he went to his relative in Canada to earn it. But because of a girl gets into problems which leads him into trouble and then meets with the don of that place, then he gets help from his double role but with a foreign and cool western swag.

Movies song has got huge response and has been loved by everyone who listens to it and because of being a singer already he makes his own movie leaves no stone unturned.

Trailer of the movie has given more goosebumps to the lovers of Diljit and made them crazy about his next experiment by giving double doze of double role.


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