Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th August 2016: Sandhya Goes To Arti Written Episode

Minister calls Head and says why they have not reported. Head says there is problem as everyone knew that murti has been found and people will become angry if murti will not be places. News comes. Meenakshi and Bhabho sees news.

Arpita tells that they have found the idol and she has done great investigation as trusty of temple is involved and ghat aarti will be celebrated with full of pleasure and joy. She says police is ready to help people. Meenakshi says this is good but if Sandhya would have said this then it would have looked good.

diya aur baati hum

Bhabho says not to say like that but think its a good news that they can see devmata’s murti. She says now our family will go to aarti. Suddenly aarti thall falls down. Babasaa asks what is this. Meenakshi says diya baati for ghat aarti has fallen down and its not good sign.

Sandhya goes to trusty and he says he has not done that and he worshipped devi from so many years. Sandhya says we have proofs against him but he has to help us and tell he has doubt on whom. He says i have not done anything and he is ready to do anything.

Sandhya asks if he has seen something weird at temple. He says he closed door at 9:00 pm and keys are always with him but he doesnot know how thief get in. She asks temple was not looking empty after idol was missing. He tells other murtis are also valuable than dev mata’s murti. Dev mata’s murti is light than other murtis. Sandhya thinks thief is hitech as they jammed cctv also. Why they will only steal light idol of devmata.

Arpita goes in temple and asks officer to look around. Head calls Arpita. Arpita tells we are setting up Devmata’s idol and everything is under control. Sandhya thinks two advantages were there in this robbery. Registration became double and police became active.

She thinks they are not only thieves and have some other plans also. She thinks there is someyhing which is missing from her eyes. They shows some boys. One making food and another studying. They watches news that people are praising police of pushkar.


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