Dolphin Jumps Into A Boat And Breaks Woman’s Ankle in California

A Dolphin jumped into a boat where a couple was celebrating their 18th marriage anniversary and in the process broke both the ankles of the lady as it thrashed around. It was father’s day, June 21st when Chrissie Frickman, her husband Dirk Frickman and their two children were celebrating their 18th anniversary on a boat. They saw a pod of Dolphins swimming alongside their boat. Suddenly one dolphin jumped and landed on the boat and knocked Frickman to the deck fracturing both her ankles.

Dirk said that the dolphin was trying a backflip and probably misjudged the distance and landed on the boat.


It was a 350 pound brute of a Dolphin which in its aerial stunt first struck the railing and then landed with a thud on the boat. It grazed Frickman’s 16-year-old daughter and broke the ankles of Dirk’s wife, Chrissie before getting wedged in between chairs. It could not escape on its own and thrashed around badly cutting itself on its nose and tail. Thankfully Frickman’s 12-year-old son was uninjured in the melee.

Dirk acted quickly and pulled his wife out before radioing the Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol while returning to Dana Point Harbor in Orange County. Dirk’s family kept the dolphin hydrated and alive by splashing water on it.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol rushed to rescue and helped Chrissie and their daughter to the shore.  A waiting ambulance rushed them to a hospital.


Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that it was a freak accident, and he never had in his career heard of anything like this before.

It was a tougher task to free the dolphin wedged between the chairs. Frickman had to unbolt the chairs from the boat before he could get the poor mammal free. Frickman along with two dock hands used a rope to extract the dolphin and pull it onto the dock before releasing it. The cuddly ocean mammal swam off.


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