Drinking less is the only way to prevent Hangover, says Study

Even if you have never drunk a single drop of alcohol in your life, you are still familiar with what the concept of hangover truly means. People suffering from a hangover after an evening full of drinking simply look pathetic, behave very poorly and drink lots and lots of water so that they can get over their hangover.

Several rumours exist in the world about ways to avoid a hangover. Scientists have spent hours and hours, trying to find out the best possible cure, or at least an appropriate prevention.

All that they have come up with till date is to drink pear juice before going out for a drink. But, a recent study has been released which relieves you from all the household antidotes that don’t work at all.

According to new research, the best cure or prevention for a hangover is not to drink a lot of alcohol.

As per reports on BBC, researchers and scientists from Canada and Netherlands did some vivid research on students with a hangover from these two countries.

In this modern age, there is not a single student that does not wake up with a hangover in the morning, hence finding research subjects became quite easy.

Among 824 students from Netherlands, a total of 54% percent aimed at having a heavy meal in the morning to decrease the effects of a hangover.

Among this 54%, a total of 66% targeted drinking a lot of water before going to bed so as to take care of the hangover problem.


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