Driverless Cars From Google Cover Three Million Miles Everyday

Google says that its driverless cars cover three million miles every day and has driven 1.4 million miles on roads in the past six years. It is certainly impressive but not when compared to what it has been doing behind the scenes. In its monthly report, the tech giant disclosed the information about its simulators and the way they are used for testing the software changes in the fleet.

The report says that every mile covered by the driverless car has been registered as a two-million-mile virtual test course for each Google software version. It is done by using sensors. The engineers merely change the code and the car re-drives all the miles that the driverless Google cars have driven in the real world previously.

Using driving history for making changes in the car

The Google report says that its engineers made changes in the car to make driving more comfortable after taking a cue from the driving history. For example, the company made it more comfortable for the passengers to take left turn when the vehicle is at an intersection. For this, it modified the software and adjusted the car’s angle while travelling.

But to evaluate the efficacy of the new change, the engineers from Google reran the entire driving history of 2+million miles using the new turning pattern so that they were ensured that now the car turns comfortably to the left when it is at an intersection thereby providing better driving experience to the passengers.

Checking the past

Google is also using the simulators for checking out things that went wrong in the past. Whenever during the testing, the test driver controls the driving avoiding chances of an accident, the engineers replicate it, later on, to understand the consequences had the vehicle continued to keep on driving.

The experts in the company pick up the indications from these experiments and try to fix the deficiencies to make the driverless car the safest and the most comfortable vehicle on the road.


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