Ed Gilligan, the President of American Express dies in a plane

Ed Gilligan, the President of American Express died suddenly on a plane while travelling to New York on Friday, May 29, 2015.

As per the American Express Spokesperson, the 55-year-old Gilligan was returning to New York after attending a business meeting in Japan. He fell ill during the course and it was soon followed by en emergency landing. Gilligan was accompanied by other executives and close pals in the plane.

Ed Gilligan took charge as the President of American Express in 2013. His reign was being praised by critics, and the company made some gigantic leaps during this time.

American express president

Several innovative things were implemented in all areas of the business which includes, merchant services, network services and other digital partnerships.

American Express CEO Ken Chenault through a letter to employees told that it was their great fortune to work with Ed, and the contributions given by Ed to the Company are something which is unquestionable.

Gilligan’s untimely death has come at a challenging time for American Express. In the early phase of 2015, the company lost its exclusive relationship with Costco. They even failed to win a US antitrust suit which further added salt to the wound.

Ed Gilligan is survived by his wife and four children.


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