Everything In Beta From Apple In 2015


According to Gizmodo, every product that was released by Apple in 2015 was basically in beta. The tech giant released varied range of products this year with newer platforms, but they lacked the luster and superiority that the previous Apple products had. The company known for introducing killer apps such as the iPad Pro and Apple Watch could not come up with something fundamentally extraordinary that could outstand among the other electronic products introduced by the competitors.

Apple has a great army of passionate and dedicated third-party developers who from time to time helped the company to retain its edge by bringing up innovative product range. However, in the year 2015, the company mostly added new specialties to the already existing platforms such as iOS to strengthen its hold on that particular smartphone segment.

Apple Products are Just ‘Fine’

For the users of Apple, the year was just good enough but not the best as according to the Giz all the features introduced by the company failed to match the expectations of the consumers and kind of ‘sucked’. Although the users well received the products, they were just considered ‘fine’. Although the apps subtly adjusted within the ecosystem of the Apple and the users could operate Apple News and Apple Music while simultaneously taking live photos, they failed to rise to the ‘remarkable’ level that everyone expects from an Apple feature.

Microsoft Plans to Launch Supercharged Surface Phone

Microsoft is planning to launch a supercharged surface phone in 2016. For the Windows Phone devices company, it is a last effort to attract buyers in a market currently led by Google and Apple. Microsoft’s Surface tablet has already received a lot of popularity, and the company is hoping that the same will be extended to its Surface Phone. According to Chris Capossela, CMO, Microsoft, the company is thinking of giving its product a spiritual base so that it becomes much more than just a phone for the Windows Phone users.


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