Facebook And Uber Teams Up To Enrich The Use Of Messenger

Facebook is growing steadily and is putting any reasonable effort to compete with it Asian rivals. The current and extraordinary effort is Facebook’s partnership with Uber that is showing up tremendously. With the new service dubbed “the ride-hailing service” will enable more than 700 million Facebook Messenger users call Uber cars without necessarily having to exit from the already Facebook-owned messenger.

And as Facebook stands a good chance to claim the benefits of the partnership, Uber will also be profiting in that it will be capitalizing on the Facebook Messenger’s dozens of users. As such it is such a significant move to the two companies that will facilitate expansion of their core markets.

Expounding on the need for the ride-hailing service Vice President for messaging products at Facebook, David Marcus, emphasized on the fact that human beings cannot do without transport by whatever means. People have to go out of their way looking for transport and especially when they want to come together. That said Uber is on toes to look out for new, safe, reliable and convenient ways to connect people and just by the push of a button.

It is for this reason that this service will come in handy and in fact, Facebook is embracing itself to create more partnerships with other as well as extending the service into more countries.

In recent past, Facebook has been modifying its Messenger to make it more than just a communication app. It is in March that the leading Social Media platform introduced its developers to the writing of small apps that could be incorporated in Messenger even though a handful of them are variations on emojis and selfies.

There is also a new service on Messenger that users can use to send money to one another via debit cards. However, Facebook has remained cautious in all its new developments, which according to Brian Blau, an analyst with the technology advisory firm Gartner is warranted. And from the look of things Facebook is geared towards giving its users just the best.


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