Facebook To Support Apple’s Live Photos On iPhones And iPad Apps

Facebook rolled out Apple’s live photos features on iPhones and iPad Apps. With this new addition, users can convert still images into video, almost like a magic. However, the sharing options are restricted to few Apple apps. Although, right now the offer is for limited users, the reach of the feature will widen by the turn of the year.

Following this rollout from Facebook, Tumblr service from Yahoo also decided to make available the Apple’s features for its users.

Magic of Live Photos

In the coming few months, any iOS 9 users will be able to experience the magic of this new feature when they open the Facebook app on their iPhone or iPad. Apple first introduced the feature of live photos in September 2015 when it released iPhone6s making it possible for users to create a three-second video from a still image. Moreover, the media is very easy to record, and user only has to select ‘Live’ button while shooting a photo and the camera will automatically make a recording of 1.5 seconds before and after the still image was shot.

With the Live Photos Feature on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, each still image on the phone will be converted into a 3-second video along with the sound. For example, if the picture shows a kid cutting a cake and blowing candles, the video will display the candle flames being blown and the soundtrack will sing Happy Birthday. Users can view the video with 3D Touch Feature inbuilt in iPhone.

A Change in Visual Media Production

Young companies are more innovative such as Flixel that introduced cinemagraphs –the animated images. These are still photographs where a slight movement occurs repeatedly. The innovation in the visual media has changed the way it is produced and consumed by the users. Another innovation, Q1 is to hit the market in 2016. Named Oculus Rift, the much-anticipated video technology will introduce powerful VR in the hands of the users.


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