Fantasia 2016 Review: Depicts A Fantastic Female-Driven Future

PSYCHONAUTS, The Forgotten Children

Dinky, Sandra, and Little fox want to run away and leave the island behind. Island which was struck by major catastrophe a few years before. Although animal characters have learned to live in the harsh conditions. Island which is covered in all wreckage of an industry which once stood there. Sandra, Dinky, and Little Fox want Birdboy to come with them.

PSYCHONAUTS, The Forgotten Children

Birdboy who lives in a lighthouse on his own. Lighthouse which is by the sea. But Birdboy is haunted by his personal demons, both literally and metaphorically. In the story of Birdboy, he is a loner boy. A boy who is haunted by the death of his father and on the same side hunted by the police officer of the town. Drug taking habits do not help him to overcome the power of demon who is living inside him. Birdboy is known by this name because of his ability to fly. It is his ability to fly alongside Dinky’s love which will lift Birdboy from his sorrowful life.

The story is much like the adoption of Alberto Vázquez’s graphic novel Psiconautas. The story is full of misery and too dark that it will eventually punish the audience to watch this movie. Alongside all the tension in the movie, there is also humor to built up the interest in the movie. Vázquez and Co-director Pedro Rivero wisely introduced humor and horror into the life of the characters.

The imagery will get darker and drearier as the movie will continue. But at a certain point demon inside of Birdboy will be unleashed. the climax is although horrifying but will also give hope to happiness after the pain and sorrow, after the fire of hell.

The visuals are paired with terrific sound work in the climax. The climax which will bring Birdboy’s inner demon to life.

If you are looking for something that us emotional, wonderful, terrifying. If haunting pleasure  is something that you are looking for then Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children  is the one for you.


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