Ford Motor Is Introducing Apple CarPlay And Android Auto To Its Automobiles

Ford Motor is trying to keep pace with rivals such as Hyundai and General Motors by offering Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and other apps on 2017 model automobiles having the Sync 3 infotainment system in 2016. The 2017 Escape model will be the first to have both systems with sales happening in spring this year. The new car had been declared as the first model to have Ford’s Sync Connect system which gets LTE into the automobile.

In May last year, the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, declared the choice of connecting either Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto into the car’s touchscreen would be present on 14 models of Chevrolet starting with the 2016 models in late summer.

Hyundai said it would make Android Auto available in 2016 Sonata. However, that did not happen and is now expected in March 2016.

The Ford announcement will be made today, in Las Vegas at the CES 2016 a big electronic show that is being utilized by carmakers to unveil technology advancements. Ford has many executives such as CEO Mark Fields at CES 2016.

Ford is expected to make several announcements this week. Android auto as well as Apple CarPlay will be available in North America on all 2017 Ford automobiles having Sync 3 beginning with the model Escape. Owners of the 2016 models with Sync 3 need not worry as their systems can be upgraded later this year.

Ford executive director, Don Butler stated that Sync lets users to have the smartphone technology they find convenient into an automobile and utilize it without any problems.

Bringing Apple CarPlay to Sync empowers iPhone users access to messages as well as maps. Phone as well as music commands can be executed by utilizing Siri or by the touchscreen.

For users of Android smartphones , Android Auto connects Google Voice search, music, maps and miscellaneous features via the touch screen or controls present on the steering wheels. App link for ford lets drivers utilize the automobile’s voice commands to operate approved apps on their respective smartphones.

The initial apps utilizing automobiles GPS as well as mileage will be available in 2016. This includes access to AAA member services in America and CAA in Canada to locate gas stations, their respective fuel prices and leverage Here2there route planning. Eventseeker is an app that discovers the closeby important events. Cityseeker locates food courts, nightlife and other attractions. Finally, there is Tencent Chelian which leverages China’s QQ social media platform.


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