‘Global War’ 2016 Official Teaser Is Out Featuring Amy Adams: ‘Arrival’ Official Trailer


paramount pictures which is one of the biggest American film studio, television production company and motion picture distributor and is basically known for his outstanding concepts.

The Studios is one of the big six studios of the Hollywood. The latest news is that the house has recently released a bew trailer of the ‘Arrival’ Movie which is being directed by one of the biggest director who has also got fame because of his last movie Sicario and Prisoner, Denis Villeneuve who has done a Sci-fi movie this time, which is starring Amy adams as the lead roles in the movie.

Amy-adams 2016 Arrival movie

The movie is about an expert linguist who has an ordinary job in the U.S government, and when day suddenly some extra terrestrial space-crafts enter the living planet Earth and after coming inside the Earth’s atmosphere and hovering over the ground they plan something very serious.

Amy who is playing the lead role with jeremy renner who is a physicist in this movie. She is tasked to attempt and inestigate, even if she has to communicate to those aliens. The movie does have some guts in it, rather than making it a simple shoot-out movie in which hero comes and shoots all the bad guys or doing some romantic drama to make the audience emotional, the movie have something different in it.

Adams who has missed out an Oscar nominatiion for her turn in 2015, but she will going to make it sure that this time she will not going to let the chance go away so easily. This year she is giving his above the sky high efforts to get hands over the award, this year two of his amazing and exceptional movie is on the way. The first one is Denis Villeneuve;s “Arrival” and the second one is Tom Ford’s “Noctural Animal”.


The first trailer of the movie is out today and it is quite fantastic as comared to the other generous movies now-a-days. The movie is straightly giving hints that this might be one of the biggest and will be most rewarding movie of Amy’s carrier.

Amy is having the role of Louise Banks, who is asssigned to translate an extraterrestrial language after a dozens alien ships has entered the atmosphere. the task is being given to her by the Mathematician Ian Donnelly, whose role is being played by Jewremy renner.

The Drama is one of the latest movie from the rising director Villenueve, who has recently scored three block-buster critical hits like prisoners,Enemy and Sicario. This is his third installment of amazing ideas and creative minds at work. The movie was originally titled as ‘The story of your life’and will have the good fortune to screen both at the Venice and TIFF this year, which will going to make the paramount’s most high profile awards released till now.

The latest Trailer of the movie is all out and it is just amazing: look out below for the latest released trailer;


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