Google To Launch Interactive 360 Degree Spotlight Stories On YouTube

Google announced the launch of interactive 360-degree stories on YouTube. The search engine giant released these interactive, 360-degree videos in May and also launched it on iPhone in July to encourage new ways of telling fascinating stories. Earlier Motorola had developed short stories through its Motorola Mobility’s Advanced Technology and Products, but it did not receive much appreciation.

Now, Google is to take it further and will be publishing short stories on YouTube. Through this project titled ‘Spotlight Stories’ renowned filmmakers and engineers will team up to create mobile-compatible stories using latest mobile technology.

The highlight of the short story is that it unfolds in such a way that viewers feel like they are participating in its narration and the viewers can unlock multiple mini-stories by moving the phone on different scenes.

Immersive Stories on Web and Android

The first story is a short film, ‘Special Delivery’ with ten subplots and three possible ways of viewing its climax, plus 60 or more moments where the viewer has the option to follow the story in whichever way he wants. And you can change the way you decide to monitor the story merely by moving the phone around and concentrating on the various video parts. Aardman Animations who earlier created ‘Wallace and Gromit’ are behind the creation of ‘Special Delivery’ short film.

The movie is about a caretaker who finds a stranger creating trouble on his roof. The whole story relates how the caretaker investigates the problem and his chase of the strangers in between the houses. Viewers can now watch the mini movies on their Android devices or web. However, the Android devices would require full 360-functionality support for watching the short stories.

Users with Android platform can also watch the small movies using Google Cardboard to get an enhanced immersive experience. Apple is also expected to bring the enhanced 360-degree interactivity and functionality on its iOS devices, which means that almost all the Smartphone mobile users will be able to view these mini-stories from Google.


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