Google News Lab Unveiled for Journalists and Online Publishers

On June 22, 2015, tech giant Google came up with yet another feature- an exclusive online lab intended to help journalist in learning and sharpening reporting skills on the internet.

In a blog post, lab director Steve Grove said that the News Lab mission is designed to work together with journalists and entrepreneurs for making the best of technology for reporting news.

A report on NDTV quoted the blog post where Grove said that Maps, YouTube, Search, Earth and many other tools would help newsrooms in publishing stories.

With the News Lab, a journalist will be able to access tutorials in any part of the world, created exclusively for newsrooms.

The home page of the Google News Lab mission showed lessons and tutorials on reporting, research and distribution.

Reportedly, Google is already working with other partners like Hacks/Hackers grassroots network, to focus on imagining “the future of news and information”.

The post further also stretches on the use of technology, and Grove said that with the changing and evolution of “media landscape and technology”, a more informed world can be a reality, with journalists and technologists working together.

Google news lab

News Lab is named a global effort with teams from different countries like US, UK and Germany working together.

Probably in the same direction, YouTube had announced plans for an exclusive newswire, where eyewitness videos and many other videos related to human rights and social justice will be presented.

As reported, YouTube Newswire will have a curated feed of “newsworthy eyewitness videos”, which will be verified by the editors of social news group Storyful


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