Google self-driving cars still have many hurdles

Google self-driving cars have the latest in technology like laser, sonar, laser and video sensors. However, this advanced technology still faces a few hitches.

Google has been seeing more of the roads, getting more attention and confidence as it travels down the path to California.

The first 2000,000 miles traveled through the suburbs of the Silicon Valley has been very useful though bringing minor mishaps. The experimental drives around the lanes have led to a few collisions that Google claims is the fault of erring human drivers who tend to get distracted by these self-driving cars.

It may sound like a lame excuse, but the cars appearance with a laser scanner a top that spins is a distraction to other drivers causing such minor accidents.

The Google logo painted on the cars has also caused a flurry among the other cars drivers, distracting their concentration while driving.

One occasion that speaks in favor of these self-driving cars was when a Google self-driving averted a collision with a Delphi Automative car, as reported by the Reuters, claiming they are more reliable than human driven cars.

Self-driving cars from Google get a 360-degree road view through their various sensors and are far ahead of humans in terms of technology.

Other than a few mishaps, these cars are gaining more courage on the roads.

They have traveled more than 1.8 million miles on the roads of California. A feather in their cap is avoiding major accidents on the roads so far.

A little more improvements, more experience on the roads, more awareness among the people about their existence…. And they will be the future of the roads.


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