Google to set up free high-speed Wi-Fi in 400 Indian railway stations

San Jose: September 28, 2015: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Google last week is yielding fruitful results.

The search engine giant unveiled a plan to provide free Wi-Fi services to 400 railway stations across India.

The service is said to be free initially but later will have some plans for its sustainability.

Google like many other tech companies is trying to tie up with the Modi government in India in its growing effort to equip the length and breadth of India with high-speed Internet.

Modi said during a dinner hosted by Silicon Valley companies in San Jose Saturday; “We want our 1.25 billion citizens to be digitally connected. We already have broadband usage across India go up by 63% last year. We need to accelerate this further.”

Google’s new Indian-origin CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a blog post and revealed that around 100 of India’s busiest railway stations will have high-speed Wi-Fi by the end of 2016.

About 350 million people user Internet India, which is the second-highest in the world behind China,.

Pichai is targeting the next billion Internet users from India, particularly women; he added in his blog post,“We’d like to help get these next billion Indians online — so they can access the entire web, and all of its information and opportunity.

“And not just with any old connection — with fast broadband so they can experience the best of the web.”

Modi visited the Silicon Valley in the U.S where he met CEO’s of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Tesla Motors and other tech firms.

Another Indian-born Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO revealed his plans to expand low-cost Internet availability and cloud computing to more than 500,000 Indian villages.



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