Google Testing For Password-Less Account Log-Ins

Google is currently testing an authentication feature that allows user to log in to his account without having to use the password. It will relieve users from hassles of typing long characters and numbers of password. The tech giant has confirmed that trials are underway for testing these functionalities and initially, a small group has been involved in carrying on the trials. However, Google has not yet given the exact time when it wants to roll out the new feature for its users.

Alternative Methods for Password

Google is aware that typing long characters for a password is not proper, secure and convenient way for authenticating the identity of the user and hence has been trying to come up with alternative methods to replace the existing one. One of the trials that were carried out to replace password includes physical USB key authentication that was implemented as two-step verification process.

But the current testing is being done to allow users to log into computer using a mobile phone as a tool of authentication. Rohit Paul, a beta tester was invited by Google to take a trial of the new functionality. According to Paul, the screenshots display that the feature will require the users only to type their email addresses when they want to log in to their account on their computers. Once the email address is typed, a question will be sent to the smartphone by the Google asking whether the user is trying to sign in. If the user says yes, he is logged into his Google account on his PC.

Feature Works on Both on Android and iOS

The new password-less feature from Google works on both Android and iOS. According to the leading search engine, one can even continue logging into ones Google account by typing regular password, if he wants to retain the option in case he loses mobile, or it stops working. Another advantage of the new feature is that it will protect the account against phishing.


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