Gopi Informs Jaggi About Her More Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2016 Written Episode

Urvashi met with an accident. Jaggi was on the phone. A man tells her mother met with an accident. He tells he is taking her to the hospital. Jaghi runs. Gopi asks what happened. She gets to know his mother is injured and they are taking her to SK hospital. Urmila comes and asks what happened. Gopi says his mother is in SK hospital.

Gopi tells that Krishna is also in that hospital. Urmila says we should go and see. Gopi says I am going. Shravan drinks coffee. Vidya comes to him and says take this up. He eats that and says that’s why people say that wife is the reason for success. Vidya smiles.

saath-nibhana-saathiyaHe asks what happened. She says I am worried because of Dharam and Meera as they fight like that cat and dog. Shravan says don’t worry I will talk to papa. Vidya says now she know that why people say that happy wife is happy because of wise Husband. Jaggi reaches the hospital. Krishna comes.

Jaggi asks for Urvashi. That man meets Jaggi and says he took that lady. Gopi also reaches the hospital. She sees Krishna coming to Jaggi’s side. She thinks he is coming here and what should she do now. She runs and hides. Krishna collides with a wheel chair. Doctor asks Krishna to come with him.he goes. Gopi watches and then finds Jaggi has gone.

A nurse stops Jaggi from going inside. She tells that her mother is serious and he has to deposit one lakh immediately. He thinks how will he get this money. He gets hopeless. Gopi gets call of Urmila. She asks Urmila to bring her checkbook.

Shravan goes to Dharam. He says come for dinner. Shravan says he thinks Dharam and Meera stretching the matter. Dharam says I understand and you go. Gopi asks how much time will it take for operation. Jaggi says do the operation and I will pay you. The nurse says payment is done and Gopi did this. Dharam goes to Meera and asks her to eat food . Meera shouts on Dharam. Dharam breaks a plate and shouts on her.


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