Hackers crash car by remote control in St Louis

Your car on a highway at 70 miles per hour can be out of your control And may lead to vulnerable accidents. Mechanical problem? No, not at all.

Just a few lines of computer coding and the hackers have full access to your car controls wirelessly to lead you wherever they desire.

This mind-boggling fact was inferred Tuesday night from an experimental car hacking in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri as tech-savvy Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek gained control over a Jeep Cherokee at 70mph over the edge of the downtown as they “almost killed The Jeep along with its driver”.

The driver reported that suddenly the air vents blew chilled air, and the radio was turned to full boom Though his hands were far away from the dashboard.

It was followed by sudden splashes of fluid over the windscreen, and the wiper was turned on blurring the driver’s vision.

Soon the driver found that he lost complete control over the transmission of the car and the brakes were remotely applied by an “invisible force” that consequences in the Skidding of the car into a ditch.

The theatrical was completed as the picture of the hackers appeared on the car’s digital display with one of the hackers shouting “You are doomed”.

The driver was eminent tech journalist Andy Greenberg who was the gutsy guy to take on the experiment, and he was dramatic enough in portraying the experience of the theatrical in his blog at wired.com.

The security experts Miller and Valasek stated that this hacking was possible due to the presence of U-connect infotainment system that connects to the internet and all one needed to know is the IP address Of the car to make it possible.

This U-connect system has been installed in the Fiat since 2013, and more than half a million cars are Under this threat now.

The hackers also added that any U-connect the system could be hacked warning their users.

The car manufacturer showed grievance regarding the disclosure of the information that would threaten “unlawful” access to the automobile system.


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