Hollywood The Shallows Movie Review And Ratings Audience Response Box Office Collection

The Shallows

The Hollywood movies is one of the biggest movies not just because of their huge budgets but also because of their concepts and story. The Hollywood does have a very elite force of actors and actresses with them , which shows their courage and their excellent acting skills which are just amazing to watch, the movies production of the Hollywood might be onethird to the Bollywood but the movies which are produced in the Hollywood are some of the best movies to count in to the world-wide movies. This time the movie which is scheduled to release today is one of the finest movie of the Hollywood based on the feature of sea beast, like shark.

The Shallows

The Shallows movie which is going to release on 5th of August has created a very big buzz around the audience, the concept of shark attacks is not new but the thing which matters is that the story line of the actors and acting does matter so much to the movie. This time the story is based on an enormous shark gets in killing humans and has already done so many killings, then one day a women named as Nancy Adams travels to a secluded beach somewhere in Mexico. she was sent there by friendly local resident, who refuses to tell her the beach’s name, saying only that it is paradise. After arriving at the beach, Nancy joins two other local residents, and the three surf for several hours.

After some time Nancy sees a drunk local man passed out on the beach. She gets his attention, but he proceeds to steal her phone, money, and backpack. After noticing her surfboard floating in shallow water, he wades out to retrieve it, only to be torn in half by the shark. Several hours later, the two locals Nancy had surfed with the day before return. They get into the water before Nancy can warn them away, and both are killed by the shark. Nancy retrieves one of the men’s GoPro camera helmet, and after another close attack from the shark, records a message for her father and sister, and then throws the helmet toward the shore. The high tide approaching, Nancy knows the reef will be submerged soon.

After sending Steven Seagull onto the other half of her surfboard and timing the shark’s circles from the whale carcass to the reef, Nancy swims to a nearby by, narrowly avoiding the shark by swimming through a group of jellyfish, which sting both the shark and Nancy. Nancy is able to find a flare gun on the buoy, but cannot catch the attention of a passing cargo ship farther out to sea. Nancy shoots at the shark, which catches on fire because of all the whale blubber in the water.

The Shallows has grossed $52.7 million in North America and $7.7 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $60.4 million, against a budget of $17 million.

The movie is having a lot of expectations by the audience , the only thing is that the movie is having a very tough competition with two movies which are going to release on the same date.


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