New Horizon targets MU69: NASA excited with new mission

After the New Horizon Spacecraft flew past the Pluto quite successfully, the entire team behind this success has received a new mission from the supervisors at NASA.

The scientists at NASA will try to attempt a flyby mission of the New Horizon to the newly discovered 2014 MU69, which is a very small object on the Kuiper belt. The distance that the spacecraft has to travel from Pluto is around 1 billion miles.

According to John Grunsfeld, who is a fellow astronaut and also the chief of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, the entire organization is looking forward to reaching this new destination with the New Horizon Spacecraft, even as it speeds towards the Kuiper belt from Pluto and transmits new data every day about its route to Earth. Grunsfeld further added that this new mission will be a new milestone for the entire space fraternity.

As per calculations, New Horizon will make its debut flyby past 2014 MU69 approximately in January 2019.

The entire Kuiper belt is considered as a historical destination for NASA, as researchers are of the belief that the Kuiper belt is mainly made up of some of the earliest formed objects in our yellow sun solar system.

The belt mainly constitutes of icy objects, and was first located by astronomers some 23 years ago. The area covers is about 9 billion miles between Neptune and the Sun.

The New Horizon spacecraft was launched nine years ago with the help of the Atlas rocket, and it has flown almost 3 billion miles to the dwarf planet of Pluto.


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