How Much $100 goes further in each State in the U.S.

People in Ohio have it better than most other states in the United States in finances, as reports state that one can use $100 to buy goods worth $112.

According to a report from the Tax Foundation that used data from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, it was found that the C-note used for buying goods in each state showed that groceries worth $100 in Ohio also could add a pack of beer or a carton of ice-cream on the list and still have changed back.

As compared to many other states, this is a big factor as someone in Washington, D.C. would have spent $115 for the same goods on the list.

Although, Ohio is not the only state that brings goods more than worth $100 for $100, as states like South Dakota, Mississippi and West Virginia are also on the lost.

$100 goes further in Ohio

On the other hand, an amount of $100 would allow the least amount of goods in District of Columbia, where the worth of goods is $84.96. Other states that follow the same route include California and New York, said a report on The Blade.

In the simplest terms, this means that the purchasing power in Ohio is greater than New York.

This study is also an indicator that the income and price relation can vary for sure, but usually the states that have high incomes also come with higher prices.

No wonder, people can use the same cash for more goods in low-costing states as compared to New York or other high priced states like New Jersey.


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