Iddaram Movie Total Box Office Collection Detail Worldwide Earning


Iddaram is one of the recently released Telgu film which is directed by the the well known director and the one who had already contributed a lot to the Telgu film industry, Sudhakar Vinukonda, and on the other hand  movie is produced under the banner of Javan & Caspian International.

It is one of the low budgeted film of the year but has a good response from the audience with a positive reviews from the viewers. Iddaram was released on 8th July 2016 and has a large fan following of  the audience as the story concept of the film includes a romantic suspense thriller in it which is really interesting.


Here the story of film Iddaram was starts from a guy named Ajay, actually the character of Ajay is playing by Sanjeev and who wakes up in an hospital, he just lost his memory and don’t know where he is, and doctors has said that it is impossible for him to recollect his memory as he has loses everything from his mind and it is a critical case.
Then once a day an old man just came to the hospital to met Ajay, as he said that he is so close to Ajay. Earlier in Ajay’s life, a girl just proposed him as she fall in love with him and want to be his only, and Ajay accepts her and they are together, Ajay is also started loving her and want to marry her .

And later on  in his story the girl had said to Ajay that he should recall his past and as he was thinking hard about his past and goes to the flash back , where a group of people are teaming up for educating the couples. And here Ajay just got to know that his friends are raping the innocent girls under the act of this good cause. And later on the story have a twist in itself and had created an suspense for you all , it is going to be more interesting in the mid part of the film, and you should go and have a look to in theatres.

On the first day of its release Iddaram had earned about Rs. 1.33 cr. from box office and later on , on the second day it had collected approx Rs. 2.21 cr and on the first weekend Iddaram had an amount of Rs. in its box office collection. And her its the 6th day of its release and it collects  about  Rs. 76 lakh from box office and still on the screens and continuing with its business. For more updates , stay tuned with us.


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